29.11.17 / Blog

Our Christmas Gift Guide

Celebrating with friends and family over a delicious meal, curling up in front of the fire after a few too many mince pies, and watching the excitement build as the little ones write their letters to Father Christmas – we all have our favourite festive moments. It is our friends and family that make this time of year so magical, which is why we take such care when deciding what to give them.

But with our social calendars filling up faster than you can wrap a present, how do you fit in finding that perfect gift? At Chatsworth Cabinets, we believe that the perfect gift is something that will last far beyond the festive period. It is something that will never go out of style, and that you love so much you almost keep it for yourself. It is a gift exuding quality, that you are proud of giving.

To inspire you this Christmas, we have carefully selected the perfect gift for the person in your life who…


… is always reading.


Whether they love poetry, novels, sci-fi or historic masterpieces, our personalised book shelf will keep their books tidy. Available in 2 different sizes, with a solid oak top and room for us to engrave a name or personal message, this is the perfect gift. Featuring concealed wall brackets for fixing, our book shelf is perfect for someone with so many books that they are running out of places to put them, a child’s bedroom, or even an office.


… has too many shoes.



They may be struggling to find space for their extensive shoe collection, or have a family with lots of little feet that love playing in mud… Whatever their reason for having such a lot of shoes, the Boots and Shoes Chest will create calm in the chaos. Split into two sections, ‘muddy’ and ‘clean’, this is a gift suitable for all households.


… enjoys a glass or two, or three – it’s Christmas after all.


For this person, the importance of a good wine selection extends far beyond the festive season. They appreciate the finer things in life, and think that both taste and appearance are imperative to a good life. The Wine and Glasses Rack is everything they could ask for. An elegant way to display their most loved bottles, with an oak rack to safely hang their glasses.


… has lost their spot on the sofa to their furry friend


Small Personalized Pet Bed

Once upon a time, this person proclaimed that they would never let their furry friend on the sofa. Well, we know how long that lasted. With the Personalised Pet Bed, they can live by this rule completely guilt free. A stylish piece of furniture in its own right, beautifully engraved and durable, their pet will be snuggled up in no time.


… is going to be receiving lots of lovely toys this Christmas.


For the little ones in our lives, Christmas is extra special. As their excitement builds in anticipation for the big unwrap, you no longer have to worry about where to put all those new toys. The Toy Box not only keeps the floors clear, but it is finished with a personal inscription. A treasure chest that will last a lifetime.


… is the most organised.


Their busy life runs smoothly because of how good they are at organisation. But this person has a soft spot for style, too. The Chalk and Keys Board is their perfect gift, being both practical and pretty. They can write their shopping list, or attach notes with a magnet, while having a home for every set of keys.


… loves their coffee pod machine more than, well, anything.


If you know someone who lights up at the mention of coffee, and is always excited to tell you about the latest blend they have tried, then having somewhere to display their pride and joy would be wonderful. The ‘Coffee & Cups’ Coffee Pod Holder has been designed to conveniently store their pod collection, with sturdy oak pegs to display their favourite coffee cups.


With the perfect gift found, you can now focus on enjoying your festive celebrations with a glass of bubbly in hand.

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