19.01.18 / Blog

Getting organised

It’s a new year, and we’ve all been making resolutions that we may not keep… At least, not for the whole year. Most of us do, however, manage to be good throughout January. With the busy festive period behind us, and a whole year of plans ahead, it is the perfect time of year to get organised. It is still chilly outside and we’re spending a lot of our time keeping cosy indoors, so the first thing we’ll be organising is our home.

Organising your home can be a daunting task, but we recommend making a list, then deciding which room needs the most attention. This is the room you should start with.

To keep motivation high, we’ve selected the pieces of furniture we believe will transform the room in your home that…


… is overflowing with books.


It’s often difficult to part with a good book, even if you’re not convinced you’ll read it again soon. Try and be realistic – those books you can’t remember reading, give them away. Those you cherish, put on display. The Baslow Slimline Library Bookcase will fit well in even the most awkward spaces. With adjustable shelves, it can be adapted to suit your treasured books. There is also the option to have the interior painted a contrasting colour, making it striking and practical.



… you avoid because you’re tired of tripping over an endless sea of shoes.


We all have that room. When hurrying in and out of the house, the last thing on our mind is neatly ordered shoes. But when you’ve nearly spilt your coffee for the third time today, all you crave is a shoe-free floor! The Boots and Shoes Chest is the perfect companion for this room. With the option of ‘clean’ and ‘muddy’ compartments, it is really easy to keep your shoes organised. Made with the highest quality materials, it is built to last, too.


… you would love to spend every evening in, curled up in front of your favourite programme.

Whilst January is the best month for organising and decluttering our lives, we can’t deny ourselves a little relaxation every now and then. So, if you love to put your feet up in front of the TV, why not have a look at the Ashford Slimline Media Stand? It’s elegantly finished and has a practical soft-close drawer for hiding away DVDs or games. With holes in the back, there will be no unsightly wires showing. So light a few candles, sit back and enjoy a good film in your now-serene living room.



… has a carpet made of toys.


The prospect of having new toys to play with makes Christmas so exciting for the little ones in your life. Their excitement carries through to you, too – until you stand on a piece of Lego with your bare feet… For this room, the Toy Box is the perfect solution. With soft-close hinges, it is even safe for little fingers to use.


… needs a little more space for healthy snacks (or chocolate…).

With ‘dieting’ on everyone’s minds, you may be thinking that your cupboards will become more empty. But what about all the healthy snacks you will be trying? If you are cutting out caffeine, you may find you need additional space for herbal teas. Or perhaps you need somewhere to keep the treats out of sight? The Ashford Sideboard is a gorgeous addition to any kitchen or utility, contemporary or traditional. Available in neutral tones, it will compliment your existing space, and with both a drawer and an adjustable cupboard shelf, it’s practical too.



… would look much better if the wardrobe actually closed.


Having too many clothes is a common problem post-Christmas (and January sales!), so make sure you take a trip to your local charity shop. If you are still struggling for space, the Large Ashford Two-Drawer Wardrobe might be the answer. With two large, soft-close drawers below the roomy hanging area, there is plenty of space for your new favourites.


… you or your partner work from.


Whether you work from home or like to keep on top of your life admin, having a clutter-free workspace is vital. With plenty of filing space on both sides, the Double Filing Desk makes this possible. The solid oak top is durable – and makes for an exquisite backdrop to a mug of coffee, a biscuit and a good book.


… will store your new yoga mat, and maybe a few dumbbells.


Many of us start the year with great ambitions to go to the gym all the time, but that’s often not realistic given our already busy lives. Having a yoga mat and a few dumbbells at home might be a better option for you. With new exercise equipment comes the need for somewhere to put it. The Storage Bench with Wicker Baskets is an attractive and practical storage option. Available with 2, 3 or 4 baskets, you can have a basket each, or a basket per activity!


With a plan in place, and motivation high, we feel ready to organise our home – and hope you do too. If there is a piece of Chatsworth Cabinets furniture that is calling your name, you can order colour samples here, to ensure that you are proud to put it in your home.