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Spring is here – our guide to cleaning your furniture

There is nothing better than a clean home and with the spring sunshine finally making an appearance, now is the perfect time for a freshen up.

It’s easy enough to flick the duster over any winter cobwebs, but when it comes to your bigger pieces of furniture it is important to look after them correctly.


First thing’s first


Dust and grime can often collect behind large pieces of furniture, as well as underneath the plinths and feet. When undertaking a thorough clean, it is important to move furniture from its normal position to enable you to hoover and dust in those hard to reach places.

When doing this is it important to move your furniture in the right way, to protect yourself and your product. Make sure you lift your Chatsworth Cabinets piece rather than dragging it across the floor. This will prevent any damage to the framework or plinths, and prevent the paintwork from becoming cracked or chipped along the bottom edge.


Protect your paintwork


The perfect paint finish on all our products is created using a hard-wearing acrylic child-safe paint. We apply three layers of primer and a minimum of two finishing coats to ensure the ultimate finish on your chosen piece is more durable.

TIP: Looking after the paintwork is easy. Simply dust or wipe down the paintwork with a damp cloth, and then buff your piece with a clean, dry duster. Avoid using furniture polish on the paintwork.

If you notice any small chips or scratches on your paint finish, don’t panic! We can supply touch up pens for a small charge or alternatively you can opt to use our factory respray service. Find out more here.


Preserve the beauty of natural oak accents


For the tops and details of some of our pieces, including the pegs on our racks, we always use solid oak that is treated with a nontoxic child-friendly finishing oil. This treatment adds protection whilst maintaining the natural beauty of the oak.

To prevent warping or twisting if natural oak tops, ensure that your Chatsworth furniture is stored in a dry environment, avoiding damp, unheated rooms and, where possible, direct sunlight.

TIP: Use a duster or lightly damp cloth to wipe the surface of your product. Do not use furniture polish on your oiled oak top!

If you need to repair your oak top, or would like to maintain the durability of the finish, you can always reapply Liberon finishing oil. Find out more here.

TIP #2: Make sure you use coasters and protective mats on the oak surfaces of your product.


Cleaning out your drawers


Use this opportunity to empty and rearrange the contents of your drawers. The interior of the drawers is made from birch plywood which ensures strength and durability. The surfaces are lacquered with a clear semi-gloss finish to make cleaning easy.

TIP: Use a lightly damp cloth for cleaning and avoid any chemical products.


Maintaining your Chatsworth Cabinets furniture this spring doesn’t have to be complicated. However, if you do have any queries make sure to contact us here.

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