Have you got the February blues?

From bold blues and powdery pastels to cerulean and good old navy, shades of blue are certainly the colour trend that’s inspiring us this season. But when it comes to boosting your home this spring/summer, do you know how to colour match these shades?


Navy blue and inky hues

What better place to start than navy; a clear and bright shade that’s perfect for spring. To go with it, we’ve chosen a monochrome patterned fabric from Manuel Canovas. Printed on a natural linen, this fabric provides the perfect backdrop to any room. Perhaps you need some new curtains? Try a plain or striped dark blue linen, or add texture with multiple shades similar to the Romo Torben fabric from the Alston collection with its textured multi-weave yarn.

For those looking for a bold statement, our standard colour that goes well this with palette is Basalt – a timeless deep blue-black. However, if you’re after a slightly more subtle approach, you should consider Pointing – a shade akin to the lime pointing used in traditional brickwork, this go-to off-white is a fail-safe choice for most schemes.

Teal blue and turquoise

Influenced by nature’s vibrant green-blues, these shades provide an atmospheric feeling to any room. Teal is a medium blue-green colour which lends its name from the bird, thanks to the coloured stripe on its head, whilst turquoise is a shade of green-blue named after the semi-precious stone.

We’ve teamed the subtle geometric pattern of Romo’s Danton Lovet Wallpaper with Colefax and Fowler’s Aubrey blue embroidered linen, and accented it with a Teal velvet and Colefax Fowler’s Bantry Blue weave to layer the scheme with texture. The chalky green-grey of the standard colour Hardwick White tones down these rich hues perfectly to give a subtle and complementary colour to complete the ensemble. With a green-grey undertone, Hardwick White is a perfect neutral to hold the scheme together.

Muted navy and hazy blue

Think of a sea captain’s uniform – muted and greyed – and these are the shades we have used for inspiration. Muted blues mixed with a ‘lived-in’ quality are easy to tone with most neutrals and many other colours because of their softness. Romo has some fabulous fabrics from this palette, from the stripes of Lorcan denim to the geometric shapes of Hamlin. Vanessa Arbuthnott also offers a perfect solution thanks to her denim blue ‘Deckchair Stripe’ and denim.

A great colour for furniture would be Hague Blue, which offers a strong but slightly muted dark shade; perfect with this palette. For those who have something lighter in mind, our most popular paint choice, Pavilion Gray, is a classic mid-grey with very subtle blue undertones, making it rather pleasing.

Cornflower and forget-me-nots

Cornflower blue is a shade of medium-to-light blue, that when partnered with forget-me-not blue, evokes the feeling of spring. Vanessa Arbuthnott introduces these shades into many of her fabrics, which injects brightness into the home. Both her Cow Parsley and Stripe and Dash linens perfectly showcasing these blues. The vibrancy of these shades goes best with subtle neutrals like Hardwick White or even the simplicity of Pointing.

Unsure which of our stand and colours will bring the best out of your own scheme? Contact us today for a set of colour swatches to help you make your decision. And don’t forget, if you do find the shade you want, we also offer a colour match service, providing you with the shade of your own choice.