Oak office furniture in a home office
06.02.19 / Blog

Update your home office for 2019 with our oak office furniture

The design of your home office can make a huge difference to how it feels to work in there, and our oak office furniture fits perfectly into home offices that are havens for productivity and creativity.

With flexible and home working on the rise, we’ve taken a look at how to incorporate our timeless oak office furniture which will last a lifetime, with some of 2019’s most tasteful interior design trends to advise you on how to update this space in your own home – to turn it into your own haven!



A timeless trend that will never date is monochrome. Nothing creates a better sense of drama. If you are choosing to go with this trend, we would recommend purchasing a statement piece like our oak desk, from our oak office furniture collection, in the shade Pavillion Grey, and painting the room a similar colour. We would also incorporate the colour Off Black perhaps to our bookcases and use grey accessories such as cushions, light shades, curtains or blinds to finish off the look.


Hints of warmer, fiery shades

Warmer shades with oak office furniture

This year there has been a prediction that hints of warmer tones will become massive. In particular we have been looking at rust tones combined with our oak office furniture in the shade Down Pipe. We think that the cool grey combined with a mix of rust furnishings would create a vibrant and modern look while avoiding the worry of if it ever becoming dated as you could simply swap out the rust tone accents whenever you desired. Additionally, many interior designers are opting for a mustard tone, again we feel this colour would work perfectly with our furniture in the darker shades.


Organic materials

Organic and oak office furniture

Once again people are opting for materials that use natural, organic materials. This trend can be utilised in a variety of ways such as using our oak office furniture, wood floors, stone features and the incorporation of plant life and lots of natural daylight. We are constantly surrounded by unnatural products so this year there is a greater interest in the relationship of interiors and natural materials and bringing the outside into our homes.


Floral fabrics and wallpapers

Floral features and oak office furniture

In addition to bringing more natural elements indoors, another trend that will become apparent this year is the use of floral fabrics and wallpapers. As it’s for your home office, we wouldn’t recommend going too overboard on this trend but perhaps just use accessories that incorporate this such as floral box files that can be placed on your bookcase. Or in contrast, if you would like to go a bit further with this trend, keep your furniture a little more classic and style it up with a floral feature wall.



Green and oak office furniture

Along with living a greener lifestyle, we are also seeing the focus colour of green beginning to creep into homes more and more. This trend is great with any of our oak office furniture in our white and lighter shades. Additionally, if you’re feeling really adventurous why not try one of our pieces in a bold green shade? Did you know that for an extra £40 on your purchase you can pick a bespoke colour of your choice?


Trends will come and go but at Chatsworth Cabinets we focus on creating modern timeless pieces that can be used for years to come. Our oak office furniture is great when wanting to keep up with the latest trends whilst ensuring the investment pieces will never date. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming blogs. Additionally, if you’re interested in making your house feel more homely, please take a look at our previous blog here.