01.06.18 / Blog

Welcome to the dark side…

We all love the summer, but the Great British weather means that we can’t always enjoy barbeques outside. So, this season don’t just concentrate on your outdoor furniture, you may need the back up of entertaining indoors so make sure you make the most of your interior space too.


If you love the atmospheric intensity of summer sun through stormy clouds, then you’ll love the impact our new darker colours can have on the mood in your room. With five new shades to choose from each is subtly different from the next to open up endless opportunities to update your home:



A time less blue black, this shade contrasts beautifully with pale yellows and creams as well as many shades of blue to add drama to any room



Down Pipe, is dark lead grey, with a definite blue undertone that deepens the complexity of the finish.  It contrasts and complements shades of pale grey and gives a contemporary touch to any room.



Like a true dark navy this clean crisp colour will stand the test of time in a contemporary or traditional setting.



A  mid grey with a warm underdone making it an easy match with existing pale neutral shades.


Off Black

This soft black is a flattering shade because as it name suggests it has a milder undertone than black itself.  It marries well with muted shades but also provides an excellent backdrop from bold mustards or burnt orange.


Here are our top tips for using our five new darker shades to bring depth and contrast to your home:


Add a touch of nature


Use your furniture as a foil and bring the garden indoors by adding freshly picked flowers or foliage.  Choose colours to complement accessories in the room or add a striking pop of colour with a fushia pink peonia or a rainbow of tulips. Bold green houseplants also work a treat.  The glossy instantly recognisable shape of a cheese plant leaf works brilliantly against Off Black and Downpipe backgrounds.


Soften the edges

Light walls and pale summer fabrics allow dark furniture to become the focal point in the room.  Use our darker shades to help highlight the colours, textures and patterns of soft furnishings to give a contemporary edge. Experiment with shapes such as using a rounded pale fabric armchair next to a tall linear bookcase in Downpipe. For a warmer look, try adding furnishings with a subtle hint of orange or a soft worn texture.

Partner with patterns

Our Chatsworth pieces provide clean edges and blocks of colour to contrast with a limitless range of patterns; from floral to geometric; spots, stripes or checks; and even nautical to free flowing inky forms. Once you’ve chosen your dream piece of Chatsworth furniture, our timeless colours will continue to impress. To keep things exciting for your guests (or just for you!) a simple change in pattern choice will be all you need – try a different set of napkins, a new cushion cover or a framed print positioned just right.

Off Black, Basalt, Scree, Railings and Down Pipe are now available as standard colours across our entire collection. Explore those pieces that could be the talking point of your next get together here, and for more interior inspiration follow us on Instagram and Facebook.