Our 5 Top Tips for making your house more homely chatsworthcabinets

Our 5 Top Tips for making your house more homely

With schedules constantly on the increase and winter often leaving us feeling a little blue our homes should be our zen zones from the daily madness. Your home is your sanctuary but often we neglect our space which can lead to it feeling more hectic than relaxed. So, to help make your house feel more like a home we’ve decided to give you our 5 top tips for creating a relaxing setting.



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When a room contains a lot of clutter it can begin to make you feel hectic inside. Your body often takes cues from the environment you surround yourself of how it should respond, and clutter is like a physical representation of a to-do list.

To help combat this you should first decide whether you need every item in the room, could certain objects be sold or donated? Once you have decided what to keep, we recommend you find some storage solutions that will further declutter your environment. Discover our oak storage solutions here.


Colour is key

Colours have a huge impact on people’s emotions, they have the influence to make you feel energised, relaxed, annoyed and even hungry. For spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms, you want to create a relaxed atmosphere. To help you decide on what colour will make you feel most zen, click here.

Our oak storage solutions come in a variety of colours, click here to find your next favourite piece of furniture and discover what colour works best for you.


Incorporate nature

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Bringing the outdoors inside has been linked to reducing stress and helping to create a relaxed atmosphere. Plants are natural air purifiers and can help to remove toxins from your environment. Plants can also take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, improving the air quality. Moreover, certain plants help to reduce airborne dust levels and increase air humidity which reduces coughing and fatigue.


Technology areas

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We are constantly staring at screens which can lead to a bad night’s sleep as the light emitted from them can affect melatonin production and make the brain believe it isn’t ready to sleep. So, to help combat this consider having areas in your home of where to use technology such as the living room and then avoid screen time in your bedroom. This creates an automatic cue to your subconscious informing you that it is time for a specific activity.

Additionally, to limit your screen time further, you should start a new book. Reading is a great way to unwind after a long day. We have great oak bookcases to store all your new reads, click here.


Keep it scented

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Scents can do amazing things to our minds and bodies, not only can they create nostalgia they have the power to impact our moods. For example, lavender can help you sleep, citrus smells can help you feel more energetic, jasmine can ease depression and vanilla can elevate your mood. Whatever you prefer, your favourite scent will add to the overall feel of your environment and in turn make you feel more relaxed and at home.

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