Building a personalised toy box with engraving

From our design team to the craftsmen in the workshop we always keep in mind that when you invest in a new piece of furniture we need to deliver the right quality at an affordable price.  Using the best materials, we can ensure we deliver high quality products that will stand the test of time.

To ensure our furniture has the strength to survive the harsh centrally heated climate of the modern home, we construct each piece from a high grade moisture resistant fibreboard material.  It is strong, stable and resists movement preventing unsightly cracks appearing in our painted finishes. 

soft close Hinge and dampener details on a personalised toy box with oak lid

To create the perfect finish we use hard wearing acrylic, child-safe paint. Two layers of primer and a minimum of two finishing coats of your personally selected  colour makes the surface more durable. We also treat our oak with a nontoxic finishing oil to give protection while keeping its natural beauty.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, ensuring we deliver balance between form and function.

All our door furniture is brass with a highly polished chrome plated finish. Our box lids, doors and drawers are soft-closing to prevent your furniture slamming shut.